Thursday, 20 September 2007

Radio 1

The Beginnings of Radio 1

Radio Caroline was the start of radio it was the first pirate Radio and the first band that ever played on Radio at this time where The Rolling Stones.

Radio 1 started in 1967 as response to the popularity of Radio Caroline.

The people that make and work at Radio 1 and makeit what it is today are:

Some producers of radio 1 are : - Andy Parfit(radio controller)-Will kinder (producer)

DJ Colin Murray, Zane Lowe, Sarah Cox, Pete Thong, Dave Pearce, Chris Moyes and so on that are the main people who work on the radio at the moment the kinds of music that is played is different on which dj is on at that time for example Dave pearce has his show witch is called Classic Dance Anthems and is on every Friday night at 11 oclock.

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Radio 1